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Editing Hints for Resumes & Jobs

To add a Resume or a Job on this Job Board you must be registered with the site. After registration, you will be allowed to fill out the form for posting a resume or posting a job. The key part of both forms is the Edit Window in which you describe the job or present your resume. This note provides a few hints about how to work in this Edit Window.


This is similar to the WYSIWYG edit window of word processors. There are some limitations – this is an edit window for an html web page and html doesn't support the same fine control of formatting found in program like Microsoft's Word. But the general operation should be familiar to most people.
 Adding images or a link to a document you store on the server requires a process that is somewhat different from what is found in word processors. The starting point is either the Add Image or Add Link button.


Pressing either button leads the user through a similar process. This note will walk the reader through the process of uploading a file and placing a link to that file on the page being edited. After pressing the Add Link button, the following window pops up:


This button supports three kinds of links (1). You can use it to link to a document that is uploaded to a server – the URL Link Type. You can also use it to open an email window on the user's computer – the E-mail Link Type. And, lastly, you could use it to link to somewhere else on the page. But we're concerned with how you upload a document and link to it on your web page. We want the URL Link Type. The action begins by pressing the Browse Server (2). That brings up:


If you had already posted jobs or a resume, the system would remember all of the files that you had previously uploaded and give you the option to link to any of those file. To upload a new file, you need to press the Upload button. You are then able to Browse on your computer for the file to upload:


To illustrate, a sample file (sample.doc) was uploaded. You now see:


Double clicking on sample.doc leads through a simple process that places the link on your web page.

The phrase “Editable Sample” is itself editable – you can change it to whatever title you want to give to the link.
 And that's it. Complete documentation is available for the CKEditor. It's one of the more popular open source web page editors, and is the editor used on the CAWIC Job Board. CKEditor Documentation